With more than seven million units sold in its first six months, the Apple Watch platform has already grown larger than the iPhone did in its first year. Given its rate of software updates and unique hardware extensibility, the Watch offers new dimensions for developers to consider.  Learn about markets, ecosystems, and opportunities that surround the Watch from pioneer app developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. 



Horace Dediu
The Business of Apple Watch: Asking the Right Questions
What is the logic of Apple Watch? Why does it exist? What's Apple's Strategy?

Ben Bajarin, Bernard Desarnauts
State of Apple Watch: Predicting What's Ahead
Core learnings from Wristly Apple Watch primary research

Barry Brown
Apple Watch In Vivo
Hot off the press: a comprehensive behavioral study of Apple Watch usage.

The Watch Brand Panel
Maribel Lopez leads a panel of journalists, and industry experts including: Abdel Ibrahim, Jim Dalrymple, Phillip Elmer-Dewitt, Glenn Gruber, Lisa Carnochan

Jean-Louis Gassée, Tim Bajarin, moderated by Tim Bradshaw.
30 Years of Personal Computing
Apple's 30-year story arc: from the original Macintosh, Apple's first truly personal computer, to the Apple Watch, Apple's first very personal computer.

Bob Moesta
What Do We Hire the Watch to Do? 
The inventor of job-to-be-done research performs a live interview. 

Ecosystem  Panel
Apple Watch app product leaders discuss their experience. 
Julia Hu, Lark;  Andy Weisbecker, Target; Aki Järvilehto, Everywear; Tracy Sun,  PoshmarkJosh Clark

Glanceable Platforms: A New User Interface
The Apple Watch represents an entirely new software platform and user interface paradigm. Josh will explore the glanceable UI and key ways to leverage existing and new software experiences on this platform.

Liza Kindred
From Ready-to-Wear to Software
How does Apple Watch relate to notions of style, fashion, glamour and prestige?

Ready-to-Wearable Panel
Liza Kindred leads a panel of tech fashinisatas: Lisa Carnochan, Tracy Sun, Lorraine Sanders

Business Models Panel
Ben Bajarin leads a panel of investors including: Josh Stein, John Lilly, Mike Sullivan, Glenn Solomon, Jeff Richards


Glance event took place on Dec 10, 2015 at 405 Howard Street, San Francisco, California, USA. 




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