Introducing Glance: The First WATCH Conference

Glance: A Deep Look at the Watch is the first conference dedicated to the business of Apple Watch.

When we say business we mean business. The Apple Watch was designed to create business opportunities for an ecosystem of co-innovators at inception. We believe that wristspace is as important as phonespace and as important as padspace and computerspace. The next billion dollar businesses will be built by addressing the unique needs of glanceable devices.

With more than 7 million Apple Watches sold, the watchOS platform already has more audience than the phone did at the time of its launch. The types of apps and services that will emerge will be different, as different as phone apps were from desktop apps. What matters is how users approach the product, what design for glances means and what unique opportunities can arise from millions of small but omnipresent screens.

Join us for a complete analysis of the latest data available data on watchspace, discussions on product evolution, rates of improvement, developer options, business models and product strategy. See world's premier experts present their latest research and findings on the opportunity. Engage with developers, designers, investors, analysts and marketers on the subject of Apple Watch. Learn about the business of fashion and the intersection of heart and passion that is prestige branding.

Glance is the first and most important event for anyone considering how to benefit from the business of wearable Apple devices. Apple has made a huge commitment to a new platform; it's time we rise to the challenge.

If you would like to learn about the future of the watch, this is the event for you. Follow us on twitter at: @GlanceConf. To sign up, visit: